How We Do It

Through continued collaboration between our team and your physicians and administrators, we have built a web application that is available to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection. This system was not designed by an I.T. group; rather it was designed by real world users (physicians and administrators and schedulers) to ensure that the platform meets the needs of a modern faculty or department as well as being easy to learn and use.

Diamond L Consulting will work as part of your team to ensure that first and foremost we understand what it is you need to do on a day to day basis to run your university/department. We are not trying force our way of thinking on you; we work with you to understand you and your processes and then build solutions to achieve your goals.

Another important difference with VENTIS is that ours is not a static platform, it is always evolving. VENTIS can be modified to meet your very specific requirements. No two universities or departments are exactly the same. Even though they may share the same basic model, VENTIS can be customized to your exact requirements.

Do you need a module that is not currently part of the existing VENTIS platform? We can build that new module to your specifications and seamlessly integrate it into VENTIS.

VENTIS can solve your most challenging business problems