What We Do

Diamond L Consulting has been working very closely with physicians and administrators for almost two decades developing database-driven applications that have revolutionized the medical training environment. Our last eight years have involved an especially close collaboration with two significant Canadian universities, tackling the issue of scheduling and educational requirements. The result of all this hard work is the VENTIS ecosystem designed to solve the complex problems of managing schedules and daily interactions of physicians and trainees as teachers and learners. We are constantly working with stakeholders to get their input on how to extend and enhance the VENTIS ecosystem to make it better for our users.

We have been able to solve the problem of creating rotational schedules, daily schedules and on-call schedules that are interconnected and easily modified to allow the flexibility and control you need whether scheduling at a single site or across an entire region with multiple sites.

This multi-site/multi-department/multi-program tool will also allow administrators from the Dean down to see at a glance the important information needed to help make the important decisions required in running a busy program.

VENTIS brings together information that is often spread across several programs and documents or disconnected systems into one central location to transform your School of Medicine or Clinical Department. This integration will ensure that data entry errors are reduced and double bookings of physicians will never happen again.

The VENTIS platform is truly