What is VENTIS?

VENTIS is a cloud based Academic and Clinical Management platform that has been developed over the past ten years, with significant input from two well known Canadian universities, Western University in London, Ontario (formerly UWO) and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Joining VENTIS will allow your Faculty of Medicine or individual department and/or program to manage all aspects of administering Physicians and Trainees.

The technology behind VENTIS is secure, modern, up-to-date and mobile friendly. It is also very scalable, allowing the program to grow and handle thousands of users as your demands grow. VENTIS will always be able to grow with you as your needs change and your university/department grows.

This video will explain what VENTIS means to Post Graduate Medical Education, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba.

VENTIS is secure, modern, up-to-date and mobile friendly


Here is a list of the modules currently available within the VENTIS platform:

  • Daily Scheduling for Physicians and Trainees, both academic and clinical
  • Call Scheduling for Physicians and Trainees
  • Time-Off (Vacation, LOA, etc) Management for Physicians and Trainees
  • Calendar Subscriptions for Physicians and Trainees
  • Rotational Scheduling By Period (Trainees)
  • Educational Events Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation for Physicians and Trainees
  • Faculty Wide Communication
  • Document Management
  • Physician HR Records
  • Trainee Registration and HR Records